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Solus is an online marketplace that connects craft lovers with verified Craftsmen, Woodworkers, Jewellers, Artisans, and more to bring one of a kind designs and concepts to life. Collaborate with creators to commission work or skip the build process and shop for already made custom items.

How It Works

Search & Request

Discover talented, verified creators and artisans based off your inspiration or ideas and request a quote.


Agree to the design/pricing and submit your payment to ensure commitment to the build process. Continue to collaborate with your creator and track the progress of your of your one-of-a-kind creation on Solus.


Once the build process is complete, meet with your creator virtually one last time for an item inspection. Then select one of our numerous local and national shipping partners to ensure a safe and quick delivery.

Win- Win for Shoppers and Creators

We’re on a mission to reinvent the handmade marketplace industry and rid the world of bland, mass-produced goods.


  • Combine inspiration with your imagination to bring your dream idea to life
  • Verified and Unique, Solus is free of mass produced items
  • Sleep easy knowing the item you are commissioning or purchasing is the only one of its kind
  • Stay connected and work with your creator side-by-side via the Solus platform
  • Want to skip the build process? Shop for already made custom items from top Creators


  • Share your passion with the world while making money
  • Work with motivated buyers to bring beautiful custom pieces to life
  • Sell your custom work without having to compete with cheap, manufactured goods on other platforms
  • Easily import and manage shopfront using the Solus platform
  • Low transaction fees and no subscription needed to list services or goods
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Treasures Found on Solus


Solus is the result of over 3 years of searching for the right platform to share our passion of art, woodworking, and other specialized crafts with the world. Our Handcrafted platform was conceived as a solution for both craft lovers and creators to make the process of bringing imaginative and unique ideas to life. To the hundreds of Handmade Creators and Artists that provided feedback for this platform, we say thank you. This platform is truly dedicated to being the one-stop community for handmade goods and art lovers.

Would you like to provide us feedback or be involved in our growth process? Feel free to leave a message via chat or email us at anytime at